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SirKhurram Hussain - SKH Khurram Hussain stepped in the field of professional teaching in 2008 after completing his BA (Hons) in Islamiyat and Computer from Sheikh Zayed Islamic University. He started his career with Beaconhouse School System during which he completed his Masters in Islamic Studies from Karachi University. Through the course of time he has been affiliated with one of the most renowned educational institutions of O& A levels of Karachi including Karachi Grammar School, Shahwilayat Public School, Nakhla Islamic School, Happy Palace Grammar School, Mama Baby Care Cambridge System and Bodmas School System.

He has worked hard to compose Comprehensive and unique practice material which ensures complete preparation of the subject, keeping in view the demand of the syllabus and the structure of the past papers. His writings offer both extensive knowledge and better understanding of the subject with accuracy of the events and their evaluations. He has prepared nine separate Books covering all nine chapters of O Level Islamiyat. The Books include; the Quranic Passages, the History & Importance of Quran, the Biography of Mohammad (PBUH), the First Muslim Community, the Ahadith of Mohammad (PBUH), the History & Importance of Hadith, the Rightly Guided Caliphs, the Articles of Faith and the Pillars of Islam.


For Cambridge International Examination, he has prepared a book named the Exam Guide. It includes Course Outline, Specimen Papers, Past Papers with Marking Schemes, Revision Checklist, Examiners Tips and Preparation Plan.  He has invested great efforts in devising a monthly planner for students that is a self-executor practice schedule, targeted at distinctive written practice of the syllabus. This has to be undertaken by the candidates a month before their CIE attempt, which fosters in them confidence and ensures assured revision of the entire syllabus. The two separate special Review Books, each for Paper one and for Paper two, have been composed by him for the quick revision. They assist students in recalling relevant portions of the syllabus in a time-effective manner.


The list of his high achievers is long and inexhaustive. Sehrish and Maryam from Beaconhouse (BSS) scored a massive 97% while Zain from the same schooling system scored a commendable 95% in 2008. In 2009, 61 out of his 78 students of BSS scored an A, which represents an overwhelming majority of a transcending performance. Finally, after pain taking hard work, his student Ramsha Ahmed secured a distinction in the 2012 session, which marks an achievement that very few manage to attain.


He has engaged in the provision of his services all across Karachi. From Gulshan to Nazimabad and from PECHS to Defence; he has become a benchmark of quality preparation of O Level Islamiyat.