SaadRazaExamination Head

Mr. Saad is an Electric Engineer by profession who has delivered his best, despite his busy schedule and educational commitments. He manages the venues of mock examinations. He is responsible for designing and printing of exam papers. He conducts monthly, bi-yearly and mock examinations. He also ensures that the environment of a CIE examination is replicated to the utmost extent so that students are relieved of the nervousness they otherwise face when appearing for their first CIEs. This also gives students a hand-on experience with regard to time management and exam preparation. Mr.
Saad drafts and updates exam schedule on website and Facebook page. He is responsible for updating marks of monthly, bi-yearly and yearly examinations. He extends his helping hand to students in the scrutiny of their test papers. He assists students in overcoming their weak areas by discussing with them where they went wrong in the paper. Importantly, he communicates with the parents of the students, regarding the student’s academic progress, providing the parents an opportunity to acknowledge their child’s achievements and helping them improve if required.
Approach Mr.Saad if you need help in any way regarding examinations!